"We set out late because we had snow to dissolve for breakfast."

The Mer de Glace -sea of ice- is a 12 km long glacier, running down from the highest point of the Alps. At an altitude of 3,600m above sea level, I collected so called perpetual snow from the glacier, which can only be found within certain geographic conditions so that it remains frozen year-round. While carrying the snow with me in a insulated flask I traveled to the coast, making use of refrigerators at gas stations and café’s along the way to keep the snow frozen at all times. There, at the distance of my body above sea level, I let the snow melt with the warmth of my hands.
Photographic documentation of a performance. Ultrachrome print on Canson Paper. 47x70cm.

The title is a - literally translated - line from Horace-Bénédict de Saussure's logbook.
second image: process documentation

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