This body that once was you

Meditating on a field of human bone dust. This body that once was you is an individual audio experience in which one visualizes one’s own body dissolving after death.

This presentation departed from a meditation led by Zen priest Joan Halifax in which Babs Bakels (artist and curator) and myself took part. This meditation was a variation on the ancient Buddhist ’nine cemetery contemplations’, that focuses specifically on physical detachment and death consciousness. It begins with the phrase “You died today” and follows the body’s disintegration in nine gradual stages.

This body that once was you, guides the listener from the last breath to bones turned to dust and fragments of DNA floating in the universe.

This project was developed in collaboration with Babs Bakels.
Audio installation. Sound recording of guided meditation, chair, 1330grams of dust derived from human bone. Duration: 25 min.

image 1-3 by Ilya Rabinovich
image 4-7 by Vibeke Mascini (process documentation)

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