The world is a verb
2022 - ongoing

The world is a verb is a project in which pieces of used clothing are re-imagined by turning them inside out and sewing additional labels within their seams. A series of t-shirts are this way made to be a walking publication.

The labels hold stories about the transference and metamorphoses between matter, energy, language and memory.

Besides Mascini’s own texts the shirts hold writings by Mihnea Mircan, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Laurie Anderson, Zazie Stevens (forthcoming), Daisy Hildyard (forthcoming) and the electric eel Miguel.

The title embroidered on its chest is set in Dove’s type, which was recovered from river Thames after nearly a century underwater.

limited t-shirts available

embroideries on second hand t-shirts, micro-essays printed on PET-labels.

Graphic Design Labels: Dongyoung Lee
Texts: Vibeke Mascini, Mihnea Mircan, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Laurie Anderson, Zazie Stevens, Daisy Hildyard, Miguel
Embroidery assistance: Mara-Luna Brandt Corstius

image 1,2 exhibition view photo: Vibeke Mascini
image 3 exhibition view RADIUS CCA / photo: Joris van den Einden
image 4,5 scans: Vibeke Mascini

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