The world is a verb
2022 - ongoing

The world is a verb consists of text fragments woven and printed on second-hand T-shirts and labels that have been collected at various flea markets and are intended to make the public part of the work, by allowing them to be worn outside of the walls of the exhibition space. The work is the impetus for a comprehensive essay as part of an forthcoming publication in which Mascini writes about her research and the dialogues, collaborations and observations that result from her various ‘battery works’. Central to this publication is the undermining of the fiction surrounding the concept of ‘neutral energy’––or the idea that energy has no material implications––in an increasingly energy-hungry society.

limited t-shirts available

weavings on second hand t-shirts, micro-essays printed on PET-labels.

Graphic Design Labels: Dongyoung Lee
Texts: Vibeke Mascini and Mihnea Mircan
Weaving assistance: Mara-Luna Brandt Corstius

image 1,2 exhibition view photo: Vibeke Mascini
image 3 exhibition view RADIUS CCA / photo: Joris van den Einden
image 4,5 scans: Vibeke Mascini

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