De Top van Van Dale

Considering our eyes passing the length of every sentence we read, they have travelled a long journey before finishing a book. That way our bookcase contains many meters of hidden distances and far getaways could on the other hand correspond with words.

The ‘Van Dale Distionary’ is commonly referred to as a benchmark of the Dutch language. I decided to travel the total length of my mother language. By consecutively measuring each sentence of the 14th revised edition of de 'Van Dale' Dutch dictionary (a distance that by estimation should correspond with a Marathon), I would travel many kilometers from A-Z . With De Top van Van Dale I reach the height of world’s most infamous mountains in relative standstill.
Piezo print on aluminium, graphite pencil / single page from ‘Van Dale Dutch Dictionary’ (fourteenth revised edition), graphite pencil. Size: 30.7 x 41 cm / 30.5 x 40.5 cm.

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