De Schaduw van de Haan 

The original tower on the Great Bavo church in Haarlem was replaced several years after it was build around 1517 and has gone missing ever since. Speculation around the lost tower never ceased and it became a piece of phantom architecture. Each day the church tower duplicates once more as its shadow turns the adjacent marketplace into a solar clock. As a monument for the many duplicate towers Mascini marked one single brick on the marketplace: the brick on which the shadow of the rooster drops as the tower covers the vitrine of ‘De Vishal’, a former fish market and current space for contemporary art.

The vitrine is near from the engraved brick, located within a straight line just a few meters away. On the window glass a text was printed, describing the story of the duplicate towers.

Many thanks to Inez Piso and Jean Laurey 

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