Cloud Inverse

The summit of Mont Blanc was expropriated by geologist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure during the first scientific expedition up the mountain in 1787. For many years this triangle of granite rock has been residing in Teylers Museum, the Netherlands, at a mere 3.2 meter above sea level.

At the moment when de Saussure assigned the mountain its first precise height, the Mont Blanc remained just as high as it had been before, only it started to be graspable; the world would never appear to be the same.

Moved by the everlasting pull of Mont Blanc, Cloud Inverse follows the earliest tracks to the mountain summit in both writing and with a physical expedition of 17 days Recorded narratives cross path with personal accounts throughout a landscape that oscillates between geographic and imagined. Cloud Inverse is an experimental travelogue that inquires footprints and footnotes whilst questioning a human history of counter-gravity.

Artist’s book. Offset print on Munken Polar. Stone paper dustcover expandable into walking map. Design in collaboration with Paul Gangloff. 25x16.2x2cm.

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