Botteling a Glacier

The biggest battery on earth is an artificial lake. In the summer of 2022, Mascini travelled to a power station in the Swiss Alps, which commonly generates electricity from the meltwater of nearby glaciers. Divided by a large dam, the waters are transformed into currents of voltage. Commemorating this finite landscape, she filled a large jug with glacier water from the power station site. Throughout the exhibition at Rijksakademie Amsterdam in June 2023, this bottled glacier water gradually poured out through the eyes of an electric power socket, as if weeping.
24L glacier water, hydraulic pump, tubes, electricity socket, 5-way power strip, LED light, two alkaline batteries.

Special thanks to:
Wieland Hunger (Kraftwerke Zervreila AG

image 1-3 by Sander van Wettum

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