"A pistol fired on the summit was no louder than a cracker let off in a room."

In the search for the 'summit of Mont Blanc' I encountered many stories describing the mountain's extensive shadow, defining the time of sunrise and sunset in its far surroundings. Mont Blanc may be the tallest mountain of the Alps, but its horizontally projected shadow is able to grow much taller. In a documented performance I traced this shadow mountain as it moved around the neighboring towns and meadows. On 4 January 2017, I surmounted the shadow mountain, reaching its summit at 10:05 am in Servoz, France.

A pistol fired on the summit was no louder than a cracker set off in a room. documents the shadow summit of Mont Blanc. This analog photograph was developed in a dark room, where I mediated the light as it hit the light-sensitive paper. Every print therefore has a unique shadow.

Photographic print. C-print on matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper, mounted on dibond. Size: 100 x 134 cm.

The title is a - literally translated - line from Horace-Bénédict de Saussure's logbook.

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